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Before Clicking On The Below "Buy Now" Button First Go To The Services & Fees Page Where You Can View Our Pricing for Treatments Or Gift Certificates For Those Treatments And  Where You Can Then Make Your Reservation.



Co-Founder and Administrator, Bruce Berger LMT, NCBTM, and his staff have provided services for the North Fork of Long Island, Shelter Island, and the Hamptons either from their Center in Greenport, a Victorian House which many of the locals refer to as
The Costello House, or as outcalls outside the Center since the company opened its doors in 2001.

Whether you or your group prefer services at our Greenport Center, at your home, your place of business, or where you are staying; you will experience top quality treatments with our licensed massage therapists whose professional experience ranges from ten to twenty five years

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A healthy life for the body & mind

In 1994 Bruce graduated from the Ohashi Institute after studying shiatsu, a Japanese acupressure modality, for two years. 
In 1996 Bruce graduated from the Swedish Institute and received his license to practice massage therapy in the State of New York, and also became Nationally Certified in Massage and Body Therapy.

Having studied with practitioners from Mongolia, Japan, Russia, and India, he incorporates in his work a variety of styles such as kenbiki, an Oriental rhythmic rocking treatment, trigger point, shiatsu, reflexology, as well as ayurvedic, and Thai massage techniques. His eclectic type of massage called 'Massage & Motion' he now teaches in workshops to other massage therapists, physical therapists and their assistants, as well as to other medically trained personnel. He has taught 'Massage & Motion' as a Continuing Education Class at the renown Swedish Institute in Manhattan. 'Massage & Motion' allows a client to experience a unique approach which incorporates not only massage, but also stretching, and rocking techniques which aid in the healing process as a means of enhancing the release of stagnant lymphatic fluid in the body which improves the immune, nervous, cardiovascular, digestive, and respiratory systems. 

This technique allows deeper sheaths of muscle groups to be accessed and thus loosened.  

Appointments can be made with Bruce at his Center in Greenport. In addition, he does massage outcalls throughout Long Island, including the Hamptons, the North Fork, and Shelter Island.

Bruce has worked in a clinical setting as a massage therapist in the Physical Therapy Department of Maimonides Hospital and Southampton Hospital where he specialized in medical massage.  

For three years (2003 to 2006) Bruce worked with Cancer Patients at the Eastern Long Island Hematology Oncology Center in Riverhead, New York in that facility's massage program. He also has been associated with the Southold Sports Rehab facility of Eastern Long Island Hospital in Southold, New York.  

He is a Certified Yoga Instructor, having completed his yoga training in 1994 from the Himalayan Institute. From 2001 through 2003 he was the Yoga Instructor at Southampton Hospital. 

Bruce is also a practitioner of 'Movement Therapy,' a therapeutic treatment that employs passive and active stretching with voluntary moving exercises for patients recovering from trauma (accidents), strokes, and neurological disorders. 
This modality helps to reeducate the muscular - skeletal and nervous system to work together to facilitate movement. 

Bruce guides his clients to health, offering them not only excellent body work, but also helping them establish their daily exercise routine and advising them on ways of improving their diet. In the twenty-two years that Bruce has been a body work practitioner he has helped many people realize their greater potential by adopting healthier life styles.  

His services for Yoga can be scheduled for the North Fork, or the South Fork of the East End of Long Island, as well as the other parts of Long Island or New York City.

Are you stiff getting out of bed in the morning?

Are you too sore to move after a workout?

Are you feeling your middle age?

Do you feel tingling and numbing sensations that come and go?

Do you get tired easily and wish you had more energy?

Does picking up the kids kill you?

Is getting out of the car impossible?

Does climbing the stairs feel like torture?

Are you sore after activities?

Do your joints hurt?

Do you feel older than your age?

Is becoming more flexible one of your goals this year?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions then call us to schedule an appointment.

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